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Full color wallpapers for the CAT B15 android smartphone. This device is also dual-SIM enabled

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CAT B15 Vintage Wallpapers

Dark vintage patern CAT B15 wallpaper
this dark vintage patern android wallpaper adds some 50s glamour to your android smartphone
Green vintage prints CAT B15 wallpaper
some bright green vintage prints fill up your androids screen in this wallpaper
vintage paterns CAT B15 wallpaper
These green paterns in this android wallpaper will give a vintage look to your android smartphone
Vintage Sail CAT B15 wallpaper
This vintage android wallpaper looks to be comming straight from the 15th century
Vintage Wallpaper CAT B15 wallpaper
a true vintage android wallpaper which could have been ripped straight of a wall in the early 50s
vintage coca cola CAT B15 wallpaper
This vintage android wallpaper contains a crate of vintage coca cola bottles
Vintage boat CAT B15 wallpaper
an old vintage boat floating around in the middle of this android wallpaper
Vintage Patterns CAT B15 wallpaper
simple dark brown vintage patterns in this wallpaper for Android

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