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here we have gathered all our Sony Xperia Z1 wallpapers, an android smartphone which is the bigger brother of the Z1 compact and which has a stunning screen resolution of 1080x1920 pixels!

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Sony Xperia Z1 wallpapers
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Sony Xperia Z1 military Wallpapers

Bullets Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
This Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpaper for your android shows some machine gun bullets in close-up
Dark Green Camouflage Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
This military Android wallpaper shows you some of the darkest camouflage in our collection
Light Green Camouflage Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
This Google Nexus 5 Wallpaper for android -compatible with other 1080x1920 resolution android smartphones too!) adds some military style to your favourite smartphone
Soldiers Desert Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
Soldiers running through the desert in this military style android wallpaper
Soldiers Shadow Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
A Sony Xperia Z wallpaper for android showing some soldiers in the shadow ready to gather some intel from the battlefield
Flag Under Arms Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
Soldiers in arms in an artistic military wallpaper for android smartphones
Military Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
this military ZTE Nubia Wallpaper for Andorid contains the most expensive bullets ever seen: silver bullets
Assault Rifle Sony Xperia Z1 wallpaper
a nice tactical assault rifle for the weapon enthousiasts in this android wallpaper

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