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ZTE Axon M Wallpapers for android, a regular looking android phone with some power under the hood.

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ZTE Axon M Vintage Wallpapers

Cigar dojo android wallpaper ZTE Axon M wallpaper
in this android wallpaper in vintage style a guy is smoking a cigar in his dojo
Colored stripes android wallpaper ZTE Axon M wallpaper
vintage colored stripes in this Vintage android wallpaper
American flag android wallpaper ZTE Axon M wallpaper
the american flag in vintage style as android wallpaper
Retro Sand ZTE Axon M wallpaper
colored sand all over the screen of your fancy Android smartphone
Retro Casette Set ZTE Axon M wallpaper
a vintage retro android wallpaper on an object which has almost dissapeared, the retro Audio Casette
Vintage Diamonds ZTE Axon M wallpaper
a Diamond shaped vintage style wallpaper for your favourite android smartphones
Lines ZTE Axon M wallpaper
some small lines in true retro rainbow colors at the bottom of your androids screen
Curved Rainbow ZTE Axon M wallpaper
A rainbow taking a 90 degrees turn on your android wallpaper

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