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ZTE Axon M Wallpapers for android, a regular looking android phone with some power under the hood.

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ZTE Axon M Vintage Wallpapers

Carl Zeiss ZTE Axon M wallpaper
a vintage carl zeiss camera lens in close-up in this wallpaper for your android smartphone
Vintage Ornaments ZTE Axon M wallpaper
The word vintage written on a purple ornaments android wallpaper add a vintage look to your favourite android smartphone
Vintage Vertical ZTE Axon M wallpaper
Vertical lines in 4 different colors as android wallpaper
Flowers ZTE Axon M wallpaper
in this andorid wallpaper you will find back some colorful flowers in true vintage style
Intricate ZTE Axon M wallpaper
intricate is an android wallpaper for smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which use a brown background and diagonal vintage pattern
Jack Daniels ZTE Axon M wallpaper
a bottle of Jack Daniels in vintage colors as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wallpaper or any other android smartphone with 1080x1920 resolution!
Floral texture ZTE Axon M wallpaper
a Flower texture in a vintage colored wallpaper for android smartphones. vintage, yet futuristic
The flower texture ZTE Axon M wallpaper
one big vintage flower on top of this vintage colored fabric style android wallpaper

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